Borissov after meeting Medvedev: The Black sea should remain a symbol of peace

The prime-ministers discussed the project for building the Nuclear power plant “Belene”, as well as the gas and transport relations between Bulgaria and Russia

Борисов на срещата с Медведев: Черно море трябва да остане морето на мира
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Борисов на срещата с Медведев: Черно море трябва да остане морето на мира

The Bulgarian prime-minister Boyko Borissov met his Russian colleague Dmitry Medvedev during the first Caspian economic forum in Turkmenistan.

Borissov gave prominence to the dialogue on the highest level and expressed his satisfaction with continuing the dialogue on the possibilities for pragmatic and remunerative cooperation after the visit of Medvedev in Bulgaria in March.

"Your visit here, in the Caspian region, is a proof for what I and you both mentioned today – that you can try to combine Black and Caspian sea regions when it is remunerative. So let’s discuss that”, said the Russian prime-minister in the beginning. Not long enough after the meeting in Bulgaria in March he mentioned that it was motivating for the bilateral cooperation.

Borissov continued with the fact that Medvedev is the guarantee that the first Caspian economic forum will be successful.

"This region has great possibilities. Meanwhile Bulgaria is situated on the other side of the Black sea and Is your connection with Europe. We usually discuss the gas relations but you should also keep in mind the great opportunities that you have by the trade relations, railway, automobile and sea transport”, added Borissov. According to him the Black sea should remain a symbol of peace, trade, tourism and transport by all means – ferry, yachts and pipelines”.

Borissov mentioned also the energy which is a main topic on the Caspian economic forum in Awaza – he emphasized on the fact that Bulgaria works for guaranteeing the energy safety of itself and the EU. According to the Bulgarian prime-minister the diversification is quite important for the safety of gas delivery to the EU. Bulgaria works towards different perspectives for gas relations, continued Borissov. He put strong emphasize on the Bulgarian government contribution to the Balkan Gas Hub.

The project for the Nuclear power plant “Belene’ was also part of the discussions but only on the terms and conditions defined by the Bulgarian parliament. The deadline for submitting interest for taking part in the project is August 19.

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