Ivan Geshev: A small group of friends does not enjoy the Prosecutor’s office so they peer pressure

Any nominee for a Prosecutor General would encounter the same difficulties: media compromises and reports to the European Commission

“Whoever nominated for a Prosecutor General, if not a part friend of those peering pressure, would encounter the same difficulties. This is just a small circle of people, including politicians. I`ve said this so many times what will happen and why – and you already see I was right”, said the deputy of the Prosecutor General – Ivan Geshev concerning a letter from the head of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov to Sotir Tsatsarov.

Ivan Geshev reminded that Boris Velchev was also the only nominee years ago, but no protests met his nomination. “He was the only nominee of even more members of the Supreme Judicial Council, but did anyone stand against him? No. Tsatsarov was one of the three nominees but at that time there were other obstructions – that this is all formality. This is such a unscrupulous attitude of the small circle of friends who don’t respect the Prosecutor’s office.

I cannot tell them who to like. Any nominee for a Prosecutor General would encounter the same difficulties: media compromises and reports to the European Commission. This is what we are observing nowadays”, continued Geshev.

In a comment for the letter of Lozan Panov, Geshev mentioned that nothing was in his sight as he came back quite late from his visit to the German federal prosecutor. “I cannot give a comment yet, I am not familiar with this statement or letter of Mr. Panov. I am not concerned about my job. 230 people are already sentenced – this is the proof of my work. The Supreme Judicial council gave the highest grade possible for what I have done as a prosecutor. The high magistrates decided whether I am a professional or not. I have no idea why Lozan Panov is interested in that. Back in the years I believed he is interested in Sotir Tsatsarov and now – I assume his interest concerns the position of Prosecutor General”, added Ivan Geshev.

Етикети: Ivan Geshev
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