Lozan Panov escaped the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) when he was asked whether he believed in the Bulgarian court

The president of the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC) was asked whether he stands up for his wife’s opinion who compared the state to a group where the prime-minister is a ringleader

Лозан Панов
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Лозан Панов

Lozan Panov, president of SCC disgracefully left the last Supreme Judicial Council session after his colleagues asked him if he believed in Bulgarian law-court and supported Elisaveta Panova’s words as she compared the country to a group where the prime-minister is a ringleader. Her opinion was a part of the letter sent to “Bivol” – online media with a questionable reputation.

Elissaveta announced that convicting her husband of not duplicating his income tax form is a form of “misrepresentation of the law”. She also believes that “we should admit we live in a conquered country”. This is how Panova explained her intention of suing Bulgaria in Strasbourg.

“Neither the judges, nor anyone in this room is interested in your property status or personal life. However, my colleagues believe that the court is disreputable and their professional dignity is affected.

Mr. Panov, the judges would like to know whether you approve your wife’s opinion that there is no justice in Bulgaria and if so – what would you do? It would be hypocrisy if we continue judging the professional growth of our colleagues when we don’t believe in justice at first place. The question is whether you refine upon this stand and believe Bulgarian judges?”, said Boyana Dimitrova.

Georgi Cholakov, the president of the Supreme Administrative Court also asked: “I would also like to ask a question. I also have no interest in your personal life or property status. Mr. Panov, I personally ask you – do you share your wife’s opinion that the Administrative Court, Sofia City is a “misrepresentation of the law”?

Olga Kerelska tried to be a lawyer of Panov – she said this isn’t a part of the agenda. However, she was parried by Dragomir Koyadzhikov who recalled the moment when the college of judges put 9 questions to Panov and he “ran away”.

Lozan Panov took the emergency exit once again and left as a sign of protest: “I won’t be part of this”.

“This is another extremely depreciative attitude towards the college of judges – it should be not taken as normal when the president of SCC leaves the session with no answer for a second time – these are not questions, but our colleagues’!”, said Magdalinchev after he also left the session of the Supreme Judicial Council.

Atanaska Disheva was indignant at the fact that no one informed Panov himself that he is going to be asked any questions. And laid another emphasis on personnel questions that need to be settled.

Veronika Imova answered Disheva’s statement: “Personnel and moral questions go together – we shouldn’t continue working at ones as we don’t work on the others. When you are the head of the highest level in the judicature and meanwhile you bring criticism, explain it with the opportunism of your colleagues without explaining yourself or expressing your opinion whether you believe in judiciary, which you are a part of, but at the same time – declare yourself against it as you don’t abide its laws…. What kind of example do you give to your colleagues and how do you resolve personnel problems in a system you don’t believe in?!”

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