"Reporters Without Borders" classified the murder of Viktoria as an attempt on the life of a journalist

Despite the unarguable proves that the murder was a felony, the NGO ascribed everything to politics

Виктория Маринова, Репортери без граници
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Bulgaria keeps the 111th place according to the level of media freedom. The international NGO “Reporters Without Borders” publishes an annual report with the World Press Freedom Index measures.
Our country was on the same position last year amongst 180 countries. Norway is ranked first, followed by Finland and Sweden. The last place in the ranking is for Turkmenistan.

Violence is an instrument used even more frequently when it comes to journalists, states the report. The hostility towards journalists expressed by populist politicians and dictatorial leaders has incited increasingly serious and frequent acts of violence around the world. Just as much as 8% out of all the 180 countries are in “good condition” when it comes to freedom of media.

However, there is a break in “Reporters Without Borders” report which questions how legitimate is the whole research done for Bulgaria. The title says: " A murder in 2018, EU’s third in a year". 

“One might have expected an improvement in press freedom in 2018 because Bulgaria held the European Council’s rotating presidency during the first half of the year but instead the opposite occured. 2018 saw TV journalist Viktoria Marinova’s murder in October”.

This is how the results of the research for Bulgaria are presented to the public. It talks about “blatant attempt by the authorities to cover up the circumstances by botching the investigation”. Viktoria Marinova’s murder was neither political as the “research participants” suggest, nor had something to do with her job. It was a criminal case uncovered by both Bulgarian and German authorities. One was taken to custody and brought to a public trial.

Bringing the murder of Viktoria Marinova together with those of the investigated reporters Daphne Galizia and Ján Kuciak shows how obvious was the attempt of the “script-writers” to make the report scandalous.

There is a high chance that Prokopievi as usual worked in their family kitchen to in “Lozenetz” district in Sofia, Bulgaria to produce the following text: “At the same time judicial harassment of independent media, such as the Economedia group, has increased. Threats against reporters have also increased in recent months, to the extent that journalism is now dangerous in Bulgaria”.

Prokopievi probably had the problems that the head of the family – Ivo Pokopiev in mind. But they also have nothing to do with his job as a journalist, but with his privitization activities. They are also the reason he and the ex-ministers Simeon Dyankov and Traycho Traykov are accused. His charge is quite serious – money laundering.


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