The president of “TAD Group” in a chat, March 5: “I will oust the government haha

The prosecutor’s office released the new evidences on the cyber-attack against the National Revenue Agency (NRA)

The president of “TAD Group” in a chat, March 5: “I will oust the government haha
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The president of “TAD Group” in a chat, March 5: “I will oust the government haha

"I will oust the government haha”. This was sent by the president of “TAD Group” Ivan Todorov in the chat group “tad cyber team” on March 5, 2019. This is written in the released evidences on the lawsuit for the cyber-attack against the NRA.

The documents are public and include chats, protocols from testimonies of hacked media and insurance companies Todorov was brought back to the arrest after he was defined as dangerous for the society. The other accused for the syber-attack are Kristian Boykov and Georgi Yankov.

During the sitting of the court, the Appellation Prosecutor’s office presented the new evidences – protocols from testimonies, check-ups and other documents.

"The personal data of 5 million Bulgarian citizens have leaked and data /including their names, PIN and work position/ for 2099 of them being on high positions in the society can be seen in a public website in a file names “NE SE CHISTIIIIII”. The informational safety of many companies and state bodies have been cracked”, states the Specialized Prosecutor’s office.

“TAD Group” has dealt with cyber-terrorism almost a year before the 20-years-old Kristian Boykov hacked the NRA. This information can be found on the website of the Appellation Prosecutor’s office. All these evidences were presented to three appellative judges in the Court on Thursday. As a result they changed the sentence on Ivan Todorov from a bail of 100 000 leva to custody.

The cyber-attack against the NRA was done in the following way: the leaked data was sent to the website “Bivol” and later to other media – “Capital” and bTV – where all statements of Kristian Boykov and his lawyers can be seen throughout the last month. Boykov was searching for a way to break into the NRA’s servers in April. In a chat group called “tad cyber team” on March 5, 2019 Ivan Todorov wrote: “I will oust the government haha”.

Four files have been presented to the court – two of them are extracts from chats between Ivn Todorov, Kristian Boykov, Georgi Yankov and other people.

The third file consists of testimonies of an ex-employee in “TAD Group” who gives details on how the company functioned: data has been taken out from a company’s servers and then “TAD Group” offered to the same company safety against such hacks. This has happened to insurance companies, media, state and bank institutions, etc.

The forth file contains information from representatives of the blackmailed companies who decline to have had any relation with “TAD Group”.

Kristian Boykov presented himself in the chats under the name “John Doe”. He bragged about hacking an insurance broker in November, 2018, but he wouldn’t share the information with anyone for less than 20 thousand (not mentioning whether that’s leva, dollars or euro). The data leakage in that case is 24 GB.

The owner of “TAD Group” Ivan Todorov was aware of all that the whole time. After one of those cyber-attacks, he wrote in the chat: “Let’s crypt the whole information and see whether they will need safety of their information in 2-3 days. I won’t even ask them”.

Here are the motives of the Prosecutor’s office about publishing the evidences:

“According to Article 41 (2) from the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Appellative and the Specialized Prosecutor’s office have the right to access information of their lawful interest, in cases where it is not state or protected-by-the-law secret and no human rights are offended.

Presenting data or proof from a trial gives the society a possibility to judge whether accusing someone of something is well-grounded.

The Appellative and Specialized Prosecutor’s offices will continue observing the Presumption of innocence and will not present information that would in any way be a threat to the lawsuit. Having that in mind, we will continue giving information to the society on cases that are in their interest. The Bulgarians have the right to be informed.

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On this basis and having the allowance of a prosecutor on Article 198 (1) from the Criminal code we make a part of the evidences on the lawsuit № 142/2019 public after discussing them with the Appellative Specialized Court. No personal data, uncensored phrases or facts in a detriment to third parties can be found in the files.

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