Ivan Geshev’s concept for Prosecutor General: Upgrade and change

The Prosecutor’s office owes the Bulgarian society, wrote the current deputy of the Prosecutor General

Ivan Geshev’s concept for Prosecutor General: Upgrade and change
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Ivan Geshev’s concept for Prosecutor General: Upgrade and change

"I still believe that the judiciary and the Prosecutor’s office in particular owes to the society a lot. Therefore they can and must do much more in order to compensate the lack of justice”. This is written in the concept for the position of Prosecutor General by the only candidate Ivan Geshev,

He is deeply convinced that “the price for the so-called criminal transition cannot and should not be paid only by the Bulgarian society”. He also believes that “having all the support from the colleagues that I worked with in the last few years should not remain vain. My concept can be summarized in two words – upgrade and change”, continued Geshev.

The current deputy of the Prosecutor General analyzes in his concept what has been already done and what remains in his hands. He puts emphasis on the mechanism for better accountancy of the Prosecutor General to the Supreme Judicial Council, the Parliament and the society through regular reports. Geshev also reminds the model for optimization of the judicial card through restructure of the regional Prosecutor’s offices, as well as the establishment of the measures for a better expert capacity through learning for the magistrates and judicial employees.

There is a large part of the concept talking about the methodical management of the Prosecutor General for enforcing the laws and respecting the rights and obligations of the Bulgarian citizens, companies and the country equally. Ivan Geshev gives prominence also to the great job done by himself as a deputy of Sotir Tsatsarov, which on his opinion is a stable ground for future intergovernmental and institutional cooperation.

Three wide groups of problems are listed in Geshev’s concept: unnecessary formalism in issuing indictments or regulations such as those who motivate voluntarily cooperation for an organized crime group in order to reveal and record its activity.

Geshev who is nominated for Prosecutor General mentions also personnel and technical abilities of the investigative policemen, the border inspectors, the employees of General Directorate “Execution of penalties”, State Agency “Technical operations” and State Agency “National secutiry”. He put emphasis on the need of optimization of the investigators’ and military magistrates’ capacity by analyzing their work. In his opinion another problem is the delay of interlocutory proceedings because of the overloading of the experts. According to Geshev the shortage of employees in the General Directorate “Security” is a premise to bringing forbidden objects to the jail.

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Ivan Geshev believes in the need of neutralizing any attempt of using the Prosecutor’s office in cases that have no relation to the criminal law. In the list of his priorities as a future Prosecutor General he puts also a data base with all good practices of prosecutors and investigators, as well as processing signals for corruption practices by an emergency hotline and email address.

The priorities for the future work of the Prosecutor General include also taking actions on the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, concluding the judicial reform, consolidating the results and their irreversibility, continue acting against the organized crimes, terrorism and corruption, and work towards more trust in the society towards the judiciary. Ivan Geshev puts emphasis on the need of joint efforts and abiding the separation of powers in order to fulfill these priorities and answer properly to all expectations for justice.

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