Boyko Borissov: All changes that we made have worked out

“We won against them 15 times, how can they talk about a fall-back?” asked the PM

Бойко Борисов, Йорданка Фандъкова
Източник: Канал 3

“I want to congratulate all winners in the Local elections. Although our party has been ruling for many years, the electorate still believes in us. What we are observing today is normality. And the more colorful the municipal councils are, the more the responsibility is shared. In most of the cities there is a huge difference in the votes for our candidate and the second ones”, continued Borissov.

Our groups in the municipal councils are the biggest ones. And my nervousness the other day can be explained with the questions the journalists had asked me. You say that we bought our voters, but which consecutive win of ours is that? It is not fair to talk like that for the winners. They should all stop talking and start working. We won against them 15 times, how can they talk about a fall-back? Our party will make many changes. I am grateful to the whole Bulgarian nation for voting for us even after the “Apartmentgate” scandal”, added the leader of GERB.

"Let me first say thank you to all citizens of Sofia who proved that they are not susceptible to suggestions and they supported me”, said the candidate of GERB for a mayor Yordanka Fandakova. “But I would like to add what all these people told me during the campaign – that we chose the right way and that they expect not only more work, but also change. I will keep my promises and watch if the others keep them, too. I am so thankful to all the people in the right political specter who showed us once again that they wouldn’t left Sofia’s most precious values. In a month I will pass the new project for Budget 2020 to the municipal council in order to reach the support of both VMRO and Democratic Bulgaria”, continued Fandakova.

"I talked to all people from Sofia who want us to continue our work in the sake of the city. I am pleased that the common sense is stronger than the populism as there was much of it in that campaign. I turned to the people in Sofia with same values as mine who have also never changed”, said Fandakova.

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