Prof. Mutafchiiski: The infected man in Pirogov is getting worse, he hasn’t gone through intubation

The health of the patients in Gabrovo and Pleven is improving, pointed out the director of the Military Hospital

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A man at the age of 74 was admitted to Pirogov with a chronic pulmonary illness on Sunday. He had contacts with 44 other patients in the same building. He is getting worse, the patient hasn’t gone through intubation yet and his condition is not critical at the current moment”, said General-Mayor Prof. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski. “His wife, aged 66, was in a bad condition from the moment she was admitted to the hospital. Her condition was even critical.

8 people in contact with her show no symptoms, they will stay under home quarantine for 14 days.

An old woman in Gabrovo has gone through a medical manipulation. She has better indicators and no fever. The nurse is in a perfect condition with no symptoms for coronavirus. The patients in Pleven are also getting better”, pointed out prof. Mutafchiiski.

"7 new cases have to be double-checked – whether the results are positive or negative for coronavirus. I want to lodge an appeal to the journalists – you are not supposed to stay around the hospitals in Gabrovo and Pleven and stay on the way of the medical staff to do their job”, added the General-Mayor.

All people that are infected are isolated from the others. Some wards in Pirogov as the Neurology will work with a smaller capacity; others will stop their function for now. But the Traumatology and the Surgery which show the strength of that hospital will continue admitting patients.

49 other people who had contacts with the first cases of coronavirus in Pirogov are isolated in another building, 30 people from the staff are being supervised”, continued prof. Mutafchiiski.

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