Borissov: We will tighten the measures if there are more than 100 new cases of COVID-19 daily

I am thankful to everyone who is disciplined, added the PM

Бойко Борисов
Източник: Пресцентър МС

“We will tighten the measures if there are more than 100 new cases of COVID-19 daily”, announced the PM Boyko Borissov after a meeting with the leaders of the EU countries on the “Western Balkans” topic.
“Many European countries have really bad results fighting COVID-19. According to the Koch Institute the pandemic isn’t over. Angela Merkel has announced loosening the measures, but here in Bulgaria they haven’t been tight – shops, insurance and building companies have been working the whole time. But I want to express my gratitude to everyone who was disciplined the whole time”, continued Borissov. In his words kindergartens will not be opened as this is too dangerous.
"If it all goes well – we will loosen more measures. But if we do not follow the rules – you already know the best medicine – restrictions. The government doesn’t want this. So I appeal to all of you: abide the rules”, added the PM.
"They think that’s a threat. Remember what happened in Greece during their worst period? Everyone was locked up at home. They still don’t go on the streets at France. And you can go to the market if you are allowed to. So I beg you to be patient and disciplined”, Boyko Borissov pointed out. He mentioned how angry he is with the Bulgarians trapped on the airport in Paris.
"I am truly pissed off. Those people left for Paris to work for the summer. Now they send SMS and complain against the attitude towards them on the airport. What should we do? To return them back to Bulgaria from that place with so many infected people?” asked the PM.
"The crisis have to make us united and give us more solidarity. Here is an example – the EU mobilized over EUR 3,3 billion for health systems of the Western Balkan countries. Another package of social care at the amount of EUR 730 million as well as EUR 1.7 billion from the European Investment Bank will be shared with these countries”, announced the Bulgarian PM.
“Our country gives support to North Macedonia, but we do not want to hear anything contradictory to the Good Neighbor Agreement. There were some intolerable statements. It hurt me when they called us “a fascist country” and denied that Bulgarians saved the Macedonians. This is a mockery to what Bulgarians and the church did for them”, continued Borissov
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