Borissov: They mocked at FC Levski, I will not be part of this, and none of the shares are mine

I hope the kindergartens will be open again around May 24, added the PM

Бойко Борисов
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"The State Oil Company will serve as a security from dumping in times of crisis. People will see how the price-formation. It will be an instrument to protect the nation”, said the PM Boyko Borissov during an inspection of the gas pipeline with Greece. 
"I never wanted the shares of “Levski”, they are not mine. Bojkov did this on purpose. Any company facing liquidation can endorse its shares to me the same way. They mocked at Levski, I will not be part of that”, added the PM. 
A few days ago the shares were endorsed by the owner of the football club – Vasil Bojkov – to the PM Boyko Borissov. The Minister of Sports – Krasen Kralev – announced that the PM will not accept the shares.
"My grandfather once told me: you can take something from a person against his will but you cannot forcibly give him something”, continued Borissov.
In his opinion, the actions of Bojkov coming from the United Arab Emirates are “mockery”. 
The PM inspected the gas pipeline with the Minister of Energetics Temenujka Petkova. “Our work here has not stopped. We construct the pipeline both on Greek and Bulgarian territory”, said Boyko Borissov.
"This wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t us. That’s too bad for the opposition parties. The gas pipeline is happening because of our will. It is also a high priority for the EU”, continued the PM. 
"This is the way we will have more than one sources of this resource. We met all the requirements. This is the first time such a construction is built in Bulgaria with 12- and 18-metres long tubes”, pointed out Temenujka Petkova. 
"This is the reason the price of the gas is lower than ever – with a 42% reduction. Isn’t this memorable”, added Borissov. 
“Despite the pandemic, we continue working on the constructions. All the workers spend a 14-days quarantine and then come back to work. This is a situation similar to a war. But here, in Bulgaria, it is bad if you succeed in something. The opposition has nothing else to do but talk about it. But let me explain something to them – people are lucky that I am the Prime Minister of Bulgaria. Tens of thousands day or get infected daily around the world. But we succeeded in managing the infection. We are testing 6-7 thousand people out of 1 million. And in such situation we managed to start manufacturing Bulgarian protective clothing and masks”, continued Borissov. He announced that kindergartens will be open around May 24. 
16:26 | 28 Октомври 2020 г.

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