Petar Chobanov: Bulgaria needs an economic plan – the Movement for Rights and Freedoms is offering one

We need the right decisions to follow in the distant future in order to grow higher, added the financier

Петър Чобанов
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Петър Чобанов

We already are in pre-election situation. But we need an economical plan, not an idolized one. And the Movement for Rights and freedoms is offering one: let’s build a program and unite our power in order to have a stronger government. This plan mustn’t be right or left – it should be pragmatic and focused in the distant future in order to let us grow higher. The financier and ex-Financial Minister Petar Chobanov expressed this opinion in the TV Program “The day LIVE with Nadelina Aneva”.
„The current government doesn’t have a long-term plan for growth. This is the problem. A bigger plan could be built after the elections”, continued the financier.
In his opinion Bulgaria should find its place in the EU. “There are two types of countries in the Eurozone: ones with lower debts that could afford more and others with higher debts that expect help. Our debt is law”, added Chobanov.
“The Movement for Rights and Freedoms emphasizes also on overcoming the demographic crisis in Bulgaria with exact measures: lowering the VAT for kids goods. This could be helpful and will not cost much, its useful in social and demographic perspective”, continued Petar Chobanov.
In his words it will be also useful for the market competition. “When it came to restaurants and hotels – there was no discussion whether they suffered from the COVID-crisis or not. There will be 3 types of effects out of that: political, fiscal and economical.
Speaking from the perspective of fiscal, the government didn’t take the numbers seriously. But we can see that lowering the VAT on kids’ goods will cost the state less than lowering it for hotels and restaurants.
No discussion was started also for the economical effects. If people cannot afford visiting a hotel or a restaurant, the measure will bring to no effect. So the political effect of the measure was most important”, continued the financier.
He gave a comment on the recovery plan “Next generation EU” helping the European economics after the COVID-19 pandemic of €750 billion. “They talk about €15 billion for Bulgaria, but they don’t know it for certain. This plan isn’t good, it isn’t useful, it is not real, it will not improve the EU.”, added Chobanov.
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