Borissov: Nothing will be closed again from now on, our aim is to release all measures on June 30

Bulgarians should not be afraid of bankruptcy, added the PM

Бойко Борисов
Източник: Канал 3

The government discussed their decision that arranges the deal which lets the Bulgarian Development Bank to acquire shares from the capital of First Investment Bank AD.
In Borissov’s opinion entering the Banking Union is extremely important. “Bulgarians should not be afraid of bankruptcy”, added the PM. 
"No businesses will be closed again – COVID-19 is weaker now and we did everything so the hospitals are stronger and better equipped. Our aim is that all measures can be released on June 30. 
We pay hundreds of millions to the insurance funds of Germany or Austria to cure Bulgarians abroad. But the measures were harder and continued their action longer in those countries. 
And yes, there were protest against vaccines for COVID-19. Ursula von der Leyen requires that we pay milliards for such a cure. There are protests in Sofia, too – though there is no vaccine yet. But if there was one, it would not be compulsory”, continued Borissov. 
"Here is an example. In a village near Shumen the people don’t abide the rules. Health workers wanted us to massively test the people there instead of quarantine them. So what do the tests give us? They can be helpful if there is a medicine and everything remains closed. 5% of the people have antibodies, 95% don’t. The risk is real, but we are getting used to the idea that we should remain careful”, added the PM. 
Етикети: Boyko Borissov
22:04 | 26 Октомври 2020 г.

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