A secretary of the President was accused of influence peddling

The experts made a report after analyzing data from mobile phones and tablets used by P.B.

Пламен Узунов
Източник: Пресцентър МВР

P.B. (the businessman Plamen Bobokov) was accused of being a part of an organised crime group on the use of mercenaries. The judge set a bail of BGN 1 million which was supposed to be paid off until June 14, 2020. The money was not paid off to the court in due time so P.B. was arrested for another 72 hours.
The experts made a report that analyzed mobile phones and tablets owned by the defendants larger than 200GB. There were messages, sounds and images. They show that P.B. has held a correspondence with senior government officials and defendants.
One of the people that often communicated with P.B. probably is the secretary of the president concerning anticorruption and legal matters – P.U. (Plamen Uzunov).
Investigators have combed their places of living and working. They have confiscated subjects that may play the role of proofs. In order to provide the nation with information about the pretrial proceedings, the Prosecutor’s office published a part of their communication through chats:
The first case refers to chats between P.B. and “Prezident-Pl. Uzunov”. On December 27, 2018 “Prezident-Pl. Uzunov” sent a number of messages to P.B.: “The decision hasn’t yet been signed by the court”,”You will be the first to see it”. P.B. answered: “Got it”. Later that day “Prezident-Pl. Uzunov” sent photos of the court’s decision.
The second case concerns chats between P.B. and “Prosecutor Niki Nikolov” in the last days of November 2019 during the procedure for electing an administrative director of the District Prosecutor’s office in Ruse. Nevertheless the Supreme Judicial Council voted for another candidate on December 4, 2019.
The Prosecutor’s office will continue doing its job – to investigate whoever commits a crime regardless of his position of the working hierarchy, social status or political affiliations.
19:10 | 27 Октомври 2020 г.

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