Borissov: There is an option that I resign but the government stays in place

The PM added, that he will continue doing his job as he promised to the electorate

Бойко Борисов
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“I am ready to leave at any time – I have done it before. I do not want any tension because of me. I am not Radev who is happy when people fight on the streets and intersections are blocked”, continued Borissov.
“If we are so strong and united as you say, there won't be any problem to have an interim government. I will offer to our partners in the coalition different options, including that of my personal resignation while the government continues its job. But I will discuss it with our partners”, added the Bulgarian PM.
He pointed out that GERB has never been in a coalition with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and would never let that happen.
“Not a single day longer should we stay in power if the people do not want us”, PM Boyko Borissov told the National convention of GERB. “I just want to remind you that Bulgaria entered the Banking Union and ERM II. The oligarchy is mad about that. There will not be a chance for bankruptcy. Having that in mind, no compromises bother me”, added Borissov.
„There is a tension amongst the people as they ask for justice. But the Prosecutor General wasn’t chosen by me – it is the signature of Rumen Radev that stays on the bottom of the document. GERB has won 11 consecutive elections. We are not afraid of a caretaker cabinet, but we do not believe Radev”, continued the PM. Boyko Borissov stated that if there is no parliament, then no measures can be taken against the Covid-19 epidemic, no loans can be taken out, no new laws can be adopted, there can be no budget update, no new budget, no salaries and pensions. He added that parliament has to adopt amendments to the election code, guaranteeing fair elections, including machine voting.
“Please, don’t pay attention to provocations. Let’s see what the “democrats” have in mind. We remember what they have done before – one of them was ombudsman, the other was a partner in the coalition. Hristo Ivanov has come in my office to tell me how much he loves me. Georgi Georgiev did everything to arrange a meeting with me. We won’t forget that. Difficult months are coming ahead us and the nation should stay together”, continued Borissov.
It is in GERB’s DNA to handle such hard situations, said the MEP Andrey Novakov. „So much has been done in all districts of Bulgaria – this is a mark that GERB has done good job as a ruling party. Looked from above our political party seems to be a paradox. We rule so that it easier for the ones coming after us. This is how our job should be done”, continued Novakov. He didn’t spare his criticism about the support that the president Rumen Radev shared to the antigovernment protests.
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