Minister Ahladova: The EC gave an assessment for the anticorruption legislation in our country

The draft of a new Constitution was sent for an opinion to the Venice Commission

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Bulgaria has carried out a comprehensive judicial reform. This conclusion is contained in the monitoring report for our country made by the European Commission. The document was presented on Wednesday.
It points out the success of the investigations launched in 2020 against notorious criminals. However, the emphasis is put on the fight against corruption, for which Brussels stresses that there is more work to be done.
"Judicial reform in Bulgaria is a gradual process with important consequences for judicial independence and public confidence", states the report.
The document also emphasizes that in 2017 and 2018 Bulgaria carried out a comprehensive reform of its legal and institutional anti-corruption framework.
"The reform has led to improved cooperation between the relevant authorities. In the first half of 2020 a number of investigations have been launched and charges brought in a number of cases. The new reforms provide public access to declarations of ownership and interests of senior civil servants, which can be considered as a good practice", the European Commission states.
"Despite the limited resources, the functioning of national human rights institutions continues to improve", the report says.
As regards media pluralism, the EC report explicitly states that the Bulgarian legal framework is based on a set of constitutional guarantees and legislative measures.
Here is what the Мinister said about the report:
Bulgaria is grateful to the European Commission for the report which gives an assessment for the implementation of the rule of law. The report is positive, objective and clearly outlines the results of cooperation with the EC. The Commission focuses on areas that respect the rule of law in the EU. These areas coincide with the priorities of the government. The EC welcomes the reform of anti-corruption legislation and the institutional framework in Bulgaria.
"The EC report clearly outlines the results achieved in the judiciary.”
"The EC welcomes the reform of the legislation, the report explicitly states that a series of high-level investigations were initiated at the beginning of 2020 and the government's efforts to fight corruption were also emphasized”.
"As a result of the good cooperation between the judiciary and the executive powers, there was a prosecution towards ministers, deputy ministers and mayors for corruption practices."
"We have sent the draft of a new Constitution for opinion to the Venice Commission. We will work for a broad political consensus on this reform."
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