New measures against COVID-19 enter into force as of November 12

No less than 20% of the beds of each hospital should be allocated for patients with COVID-infection

Училище при COVID-19
Източник: Reuters

Училище при COVID-19

As of Thursday, November 12, until November 30 the Minister of Health issued an order containing the following anti-epidemic measures for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria:
· In-person classes will be suspended (including internships, outsourced classes, exams, dual education system, etc.) for students from 5th to 12th grade in districts with 14-day morbidity of more than 119.9 people per 100,000 population and if there was 15% absence of students from the in-person classes for reasons related to the appearance of COVID-19 symptoms for the period 4-11.11.2020. The decision for transition to distance learning in electronic environment will be taken by the Minister of Education and Science under the conditions and by the order of art. 105, para. 6 and 115a, para. 1, 4 and 5 of the Preschool and School Education Act.
· In-person group extracurricular activities, activities of interest and other activities are allowed only for schools and classes that conduct in-person attendance training.
· The in-person group classes in the centers for support of personal development are suspended, except for those that are organised in a way that doesn’t allow children from different classes to attend them at the same time.
· The in-person learning process in the universities is also suspended, except for the practical exercises which cannot be performed remotely in an electronic environment such as some classes in the professional fields of "Medicine", "Dental Medicine" and "Health Care", as well as state exams for acquiring a specialty in the healthcare system.
· All restaurants and entertainment establishments (fast food, cafes and bars, with the exception of those under item 9) may operate only between 6.00 AM and 11.30 PM. For the rest of the time, only home deliveries are allowed.
· Supermarkets and pharmacies will allow only people over the age of 65 between the hours of 8.00 and 10.00 AM. No persons under the age of 65 are allowed during those specified hours.
· Planned admission and planned surgical operations in the hospitals and cancer treatment centers are suspended, except for transplantations, diagnostics and treatment of patients with oncological and onco-hematological diseases, assisted reproduction and births, regardless of the method of delivery, rehabilitation activities, long-term treatment and psychiatric care.
· Pursuant to item 3 of Order № RD-01-439 of 27.07.2020, the directors of the regional health inspectorates take actions and apply measures to the hospitals and the cancer treatment centers on the territory of the respective district, determining a mandatory number of beds for treatment of patients with primary or concomitant infection with SARS-CoV-2 of no less than 20% of the number of beds announced in the respective regional health inspectorate for each hospital and cancer treatment center.
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