Tsvetanov left the parliament, but remains Borissov’s deputy and head of GERB party election committee

The decision had been made with “no pressure” on him, “Borisov and I embraced”, said Tsvetanov

Цветан Цветанов
Източник: Канал 3

Цветан Цветанов

He was just on time – exactly at 5 p.m. the head of the GERB parliamentary group stood before the journalists and announced that he resigns the parliament but remains in his position as the party’s vice-president and head of its election committee.

“There is no drama in the fact that the chairman of the GERB parliamentary group will leave the 44th parliament”, said Tsvetanov.

“There is no drama regarding the unity and solidarity of the GERB parliamentary group because I chose to be a part of the “cause of GERB”. According to what I have asked the prime-minister and our discussion – I will remain the party’s vice-president and head of its election committee so that we can consolidate all the structures of GERB, to show that we are stronger than ever”, he added.

Tsvetanov declared that he took this decision by himself without the president of GERB Boyko Borissov pushing him into it. He stood before the journalists in the parliament right after their meeting to announce he gives up his seat in the plenary hall. They have decided who will take Tsvetanov’s place in the parliament but it was not announced in the same day.

“I would never let anyone’s attempts of putting a pressure on me. Our relations with Borissov have always been pragmatic”, explained Tsvetanov and looked back to their cooperation from its very beginning – from 2005 onwards. “Tomorrow we continue working towards what is already planned – we have a timetable, we have already set our goals and on March 31 /Sunday/ GERB will present the names of its European Parliament election candidates” – this was his answer to a question about his conversation with the PM Boyko Borissov. Tsvetanov explained that as they are both grown-up men, respectively at the age of 53 and 60, they would never act like teenagers – as another journalist asked him whether he intends to drag the leader of GERB out of the party.

“GERB is a cause for me”, said Tsvetanov and pointed at the fact that he would never do anything that could tear the party apart. “Do you really believe that positions in the politics really matters to us? What is important is to see the project you are working on as a cause”, continued Tsvetanov.

“I really feel bad about everything that was said and done against me and the GERB parliamentary group. The strongest winds blow where the mountain is at its highest”, emotionally said the party’s vice-president. He concluded: “I was the victim” and showed to the journalists the signed document of resignation but did not explain if anyone requested that.

“I did not commit a crime but in order to avoid any kind of speculations – leaving the Bulgarian parliament and continue doing the same as through the last 12 years is the best and wisest thing to do”, explained Tsvetanov. The reason for his resignation was the scandal with apartments for sale at favourable prices especially for politicians and members of the executive and judicial powers. He pointed once again on the fact that he has never done anything illegal.

“I made my decision having in mind particular clear reasons”, Tsvetanov explained. “I have never in any way intended doing anything that does not correspondent with my political leader’s or my wife’s opinion”, noted Tsvetanov.

“The children are those who suffer during the parents’ divorce process, aren’t they? But I have always believed in working as a team. Emotional decisions leave empty holes behind you”, continued the ex-head of the GERB parliamentary group.

Tsvetanov was grateful to everyone for supporting him, to the politicians for being part of the family of GERB, as well as to the three ministers for resigning. He was also thankful to all leaders of the political parties in the parliament for the cooperation. “I have nothing to be ashamed of”, was the general conclusion Tsvetanov drew.

He was honest to the journalist as he shared with them that earlier he had stopped each attempt of a GERB representative to meet him at the airport or support him by political declarations. His future main job is winning the European Parliament elections, concluded Tsvetanov.



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