A brutal incident in Gabrovo! Three men assaulted a shop assistant in a non-stop store

The injured salesman is currently in the local hospital

It all happened around 10:30 PM on April 7th.

The youngsters acted aggressively with a customer in the shop so the clerk had to step in, announced Darik radio.

Ivaylo Filev, owner of the store, reported that assault of the shop assistant Ventsislav Ivanov lasted 7 to 8 minutes. The injured salesman is currently in the local hospital with a concussion of the brain.

“Our business doesn’t need too much – we only need less stressful work environment; a country which protects its citizens and where laws are observed and the guilty receive their punishment. We need fresh air and justice”, said Ivaylo Filev. He described what happened in the evening of April 7th:

"Three boys acting arrogantly and aggressively walked into the shop. The girl that was at work at that time turned to her colleague Ventsi to step in and interrupt them. But they continued with their aggressive behaviour by assaulting and hitting him. He defended himself as the assault continued for 7-8 minutes”

The girl called SOT and the police and they immediately responded.

According to Ivaylo Filev impunity shouldn’t be an option. “There is no need to increase ethnical tension”, said Filev. According to the staff the men were neither drunk nor on drugs. Nevertheless, they started acting provocatively as they walked into the store.

“As a company, we appeal for due measures to be taken. Otherwise aggression has long-term consequences and instils fear”, continued Ivaylo Filev.

The company is going to lodge a complaint for the damages. Another complaint for their losses will come from the shop assistant and his colleague. The cameras have recorded the arrogant behaviour of the customers.

"Honestly I have no idea what else can we undertake when such incidents happen – we provide security of our workers, as well as immediate warning to the authorities. There should be changes in the laws – one cannot disturb someone else’s privacy just as easily. Such work environment cannot stop young people searching for another job, we cannot provide them a good pay, taxes and insurance”, added Filev.

This is not the first case of violence in Ivaylo Filev’s business. He has other stores in Gabrovo, Sevlievo and Plovdiv. He mentioned, that a group of young boys had previously tried to rob one of his shops. Filev described them as people who get into trouble out of stupidity. After they had suffered their punishment, the young boys have gone back to the owner of the store and apologised. However, according to Ivaylo Filev the last incident is notable for its unprecedented brutality.

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