Shorthand records of the SJC revealed WHO sets Bulgaria up in Brussels: Lozan Panov!

The magistrate begs the EU Commission that the CVM (The Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification) remains in place for Bulgaria

Shorthand records of the SJC revealed WHO sets Bulgaria up in Brussels: Lozan Panov!
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Shorthand records of the SJC revealed WHO sets Bulgaria up in Brussels: Lozan Panov!

It is clear WHO sets Bulgaria up in Brussels – it’s HIM! His name is Lozan Panov – the president of the Supreme Court of Cassation, the magistrate with an extremely cheap apartment who did not resign amid or after the apartments’ affair.

The magistrate who would love to be a politician begs Brussels that the CVM remains in plave for Bulgaria in a number of scandalous reports to the European representatives against Bulgaria, our institutions and particular people, favorable to him or not that much, as Delyan Peevski – a representative of the political party MRF (Movement for rights and freedoms), or the Prosecutors office, the Anticorruption commission.

Lozan Panov – a Bulgarian citizen – maligns Bulgaria in front of the EU representatives: that the annual CVM reports for Bulgaria should not come to an end yet. The reason is every time he tries to do what he likes, the answer he gets is a threat of impeachment.

According to Panov Bulgaria is on the way to National Socialism and autocracy, while the Judiciary is paralyzed.

This is not a media fabrication – it is all written in the shorthand records of conversations between the presidents of SCC, SCA, the Prosecutor, and SJC representatives with EU Commissioners. Their meetings took place in the period of two years before the last CVM report was written.

It is obvious that the records are a true sign of slandering – according to Panov the Anticorruption commission does not function – the only time it has worked properly was when the former mayor of a district in Sofia – Ivancheva – was sued for “getting her hands dirty” with a subornation. In his opinion the ex-mayor is innocent. The defendants Ivo Prokopiev and Traycho Traychev are victims of the Prosecutors office, claims Panov. Finally, the EU commissioners should understand that the only institution that functions properly is the SCC.

All reports and notes of Lozan Panov can be read on the SJC official website.

And – of course – after all his denunciations, the EU Commission should not remain silent. What comes for him is also clear – either impeachment or a resignation.

After that he can dabble in politics as long as he likes.

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