Delyan Peevski is amidst the people, mice hide in their holes

The candidate for a member of the European Parliament (MEP) doesn’t parade of working on stage

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While NGO’s freak out and search for him even in Dubai, the member of the Bulgarian Parliament from the “Movement for Rights and Freedoms” and second in the list for the European election – Delyan Peevski – can be found amidst common people.
He is participates in the euro campaign of his party in Bulgaria and didn’t stop meeting people and enjoying their hospitality. People from all around the country invite him to be their guest and share a meal; they all want to talk, take a photo and touch him – with the same enthusiasm as the fans of the PM Boyko Borissov.
However Peevski doesn’t show off and doesn’t need to brag about his relationship with common people. Such conversations aren’t anything unusual for him – they are daily round.
Meanwhile not only the NGOs didn’t stop him on his way to the EP, but also he is going to reach his place as a MEP according to the sociologists. They can already calm down. Things are as they should be – Peevski is amidst the common people while mice hide in their holes.
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