MP Delyan Peevski donated to more doctors in Bulgaria and North Macedonia

The MP from the MRF (the Movement for Rights and Freedoms) donated over BGN 5 million to hospitals and people in need

Делян Пеевски
Източник: БГНЕС

A new donation by “Intrust” EAD, owned by Delyan Peevski
The join-stock company spent over BGN 120 thousand for protective clothing and medical glasses for doctors in North Macedonia. BGN 59 thousand are donated for over 700 pieces of protective clothing for medical workers in Bulgaria.
Delyan Peevski is the most generous donor since the COVID-19 pandemic entered Bulgaria. The MP has spent more than BGN 5 million for hospitals and people in need: for equipment, protective clothing and salaries for the medical workers.
This is not the first time Delyan Peevski donates for the medical workers in North Macedonia. At the end of April he provided them with protective clothing and masks for the amount of BGN 122 thousand.
All the donations concerning COVID-19 are going up to BGN 34 million. 23% of the sum is provided by people, not by companies. In the last 2 weeks there has been more of BGN 5 million donations.
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