BGN 1.8 billion will help the recovery of Bulgarian economy and business

One of the main goals of the Ministry is to encourage investments. New ones worth about BGN 1 billion are also expected

Лъчезар Борисов, Валери Симеонов
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The news was announced by the new head of the Ministry - Lachezar Borisov at a joint press conference together with employers' organizations and NSFB leader Valeri Simeonov.

A financial pillar of BGN 1.8 billion will help the recovery of the Bulgarian economy and support the Bulgarian business. The measures will be implemented by the Ministry of Economy, which will make reports of its work every two weeks.

The Minister pointed out that the total amount for the anti-crisis measures may increase by another BGN 400 million.

"The ministry and the employers’ organizations have similar ideas in almost 90% of the discussed issues. There still are some open topics left for discussion", continued Borissov. New legislative initiatives would be needed to implement those measures, the Minister added.

One of the main goals of the Ministry is to encourage investments. New ones worth about BGN 1 billion are also expected, Luchezar Borissov pointed out.

"As a minister, I will never discuss or even take a look at the lists of companies applying for European funds. I am not interested in that”. Borissov announced that his employees will work longer until their job is done – until 10 PM, not only Monday-Friday, but including the weekends if needed.

He announced a telephone line for reports of irregularities.

"Our aim is to prove or disprove the allegations that there are intermediaries in the Ministry in order to European funds. "I admire and support the way that Minister Borissov started working. He started an open, direct dialogue with employers’ organizations which is a guarantee that the Ministry will be transparent. We are entering the most difficult stage of the COVID-19 crisis", Valeri Simeonov pointed out.

"This is the first time that we – the employers’ organisations – are such an active part of the preparation of such measures. This is the first time we are offered to be part of the controlling mechanism. Money will be used where they are needed – in the weakest places”, added Evgeniy Ivanov from the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria.

"We often complain of not being heart by the Ministry. Now it’s exactly the contrary – they hear us and want us to be concrete in our position. This dialogue will be productive. Within the BGN 750 million of grants, BGN 68 million will go towards the scheme for increasing the capacity of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The other BGN 9 million will go towards a voucher scheme for digitization at SMEs”, added Vassil Velev, the Head of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association.

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